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Womb Sadhana

This ancient pilgrimage into the womb, our home, is the most sacred journey we take as women. 

This class will weave together womb yoga and live medicine music to enhance our journey into ourselves. The perfect start to the week, begin your Moonday tuning into the moon within. Somatics led by Lara from Moonful Wisdom, with Jessica from Wild Medicina guiding us to find our own rhythm through mantra and sound. 

Womb sadhana is a practice open to women of all ages, including women who no longer have a womb or who may not be cycling anymore. It is a practice of exploring movement from a deeply intuitive place, in ways that honors the cyclical nature of our bodies. 

These classes offer an invitation to tune in to the feminine qualities of being and surrender through connecting with potent feminine energy centres in the body; the heart and the womb, complemented by the sounds of harmonium, bowls, flute and guitar. Our hour together will include a combination of breath, movement, visualisations, mantra and mudra, a welcomed release from the rigidity and striving of daily life, instead returning to intuitive wisdom in expression and flow. This is a gentle movement class, mainly floor based and is suitable for most abilities. 

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Vinyasa styled classes

Vinyasa yoga is a creative form of yoga where poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. The beauty of Vinyasa yoga is the variety. There is no standard sequence in Vinyasa yoga, so the style, pace and intensity will all vary depending on the teacher.

Vinyasa Slow Flow

We will move in a way that is slow and easeful to deeply connect with our bodies. Let’s elicit a mind–body connection, that inspires us to turn inward and attune to our body’s signals. It’s an approach that cultivates movement that comes from an embodied space.This is a practice that builds interoception through deep listening and sensing, a practice of self-study and mindful movement. Connected movement reminds us that we move to feel good, embrace all of who we are, and experience the world in visceral ways. Slow Flow Yoga is wonderful for beginners or seasoned practitioners. For a beginner, the slow transition between poses means there is time to feel, to learn, to refine, to breathe, and stretch as needed. With an extended time for transitions, there is an ability to assess if modifications are needed. Slow Flow does not mean it is going to be easier to do. It challenges us to work harder and be much more intuitive with our body. It creates the time and space to build strength, flexibility and the mind, body, spirit connection.

Vinyassa flow

Let go of your week with a gentle Friday evening flow. Focusing on mind/body connection and nourishing the body through both strengthening and stretching. Each week we follow themes relevant to both yoga practice and life

Energising flow

A dynamic vinyasa flow, encompassing elements of hath, ashtanga, and power yoga. Typically this is quite a fire-y practice, but with lots of modifications and options provided, the class is accessible to all levels.

Classes begin with a grounding exercise. We bring our attention to our breath, how we’re feeling, and set a personal intention for the practice. Sometimes we may start with a short, guided meditation, or introduce a theme. We then move into a full body flow, before winding down and finishing with a lovely long savasana.

This class will leave you feeling rebooted, balanced, and energised, ready for the weekend and the week ahead. Whether you’re after a Friday night hangover cure, looking to flush out the working week, or simply want to get your body moving, this is the class for you.


Pilates for Beginners

Pilates class for mind body movement with progressions and regressions improving core strength and flexibility. As you progress in your practice, you will notice improvements in breathing, focus, and body awareness. Mat Pilates is perfect for beginners because you only need your own body, a Mat, and some floor space to start.

Pilates for Pregnancy

The Pregnancy Pilates classes are focused on accompanying the pregnant woman during all her changes throughout the 9 months. Your body will be experiencing physical and hormonal changes that can cause low back pain and sciatica. Pilates is a good way to exercise, moving your body in a safe manner and stabilizing the most affected area which is the sacroiliac joint.The classes will be focused on your sacroiliac stability but also, we will be adding movement to your spine with a good articulation. We will be looking to strengthen your legs and arms too so you can feel more confident to hold your baby and during lactation. Hips have a very important role during childbirth so you will be doing lots of exercises moving them. The awareness of your pelvic floor will improve which can make it easier for childbirth and to have a quicker recovery.

Pilates Post Postpartum

Some of the objectives of the Postpartum Pilates are to facilitate uterine involution (to return to pre-pregnancy size), reduce the diastasis, pelvic floor recovery and organize and adapt your upper body for the carrying of the baby. You can come along with your baby and spend a really nice time taking care of your body and sharing with other mums too. If you are a mum that loves carrying your baby with the sling, please bring it in as we will be moving with them in.

Specialized Yoga

Broga - Yoga for Men

Men’s only class. Sorry Ladies.

The class will focus on all types of yoga. We will explore movements that will help aid strengthen, stretch and restore the male body. This class will appeal to guys who have no or little experience with Yoga. If you Surf, Gym, Run, Rugby, Ju Jitsu, Football, Cycle and for those who participate in any other sports or don’t participate in any movement – This class is a great way to explore your physical being and move with intent and focus. Finnie has a wealth of movement knowledge starting his journey as gym instructor at the Sportshub@treviglas. Then progressing on to his Personal Trainer and Surf Instructor qualifications. Which then inspired him to take his yoga practice to the next level and start his Yoga Teacher training at Falmouth Yoga space where he’s achieved his Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga qualifications. All levels welcome!

Restorative Yoga

Class usually consist of some gentle somatic movement to help release tension in the body with focus on the breath as a resource to to help regulate the nervous system. Restorative yoga targets the nervous system and helps us tap into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). There will be a sequence of poses that will have an array of yoga props to help you feel held and unstimulated by your body. These poses will be held for time anything for 5 mins up to 15 mins. There will be a variety of Meditation & Mindfulness practices weaved into class with a Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) at the end to help you rejuvenate, restore your being to a rested state of awareness.

Yin Yoga

class usually consist of a series/sequenced passive stretched floor poses that are held from anything from 2 mins all the way up to 20 mins. In Yin Yoga we target the deep facial lines (web like substance that weaves in and out of our muscles) in the body and the areas that connect our physical being like our joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones. We apply pressure to these parts of our bodies in the same way the acupuncture works – We use acupressure instead. Yin has a very big connection with traditional Chinese medicine. As the meridians all connect to certain myofascial trains in the body.


Kundalini Breathwork

Naomi's Class

During the session, I take people through the powerful process of altered state Breathwork where we use our breath to journey inwards and allow the innate inner wisdom of our psyches and bodies to show us what we need to be shown and felt in order to heal and expand. The experience of each individual is completely unique and with consistent practice huge changes and clearing of mind and body can occur. This is a space of safety and non judgment, of fully reclaiming ourselves in our totality and letting go of what no longer serves us.

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