Scott Lacey

Breathwork Facilitator

Scott has spent much of his life serving in the British Army pushing his boundaries through sport and arduous courses. This level of physical and emotional demand led him to insight meditation and breathwork to support himself and expand his natural curiosity for the unconscious experience. Through this practice, his view of the world evolved and he was able to maintain his high level of output without subsequent burnout and with a deeper understanding and connection to his true authentic self. His love of freediving, Kundalini yoga, surfing and meditation signposted him to look into the breath more deeply as he began to find more answers within. After attending various breathwork and meditation retreats in which he experienced the deeply healing power of the breath, he committed to honing the craft so that he could share it wider and completed rigorous training with the esteemed Transformational Breath Foundation. Since then, he also trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, an education that focuses on maximising the body's potential for sporting performance, energy, respiratory health and stress management. He now shares this work in the community and via online courses, which he delivers to a broad array of client needs ranging from respiratory disease management to spiritual expansion. Scott’s focus is to deliver you a personalised breathwork journey to help you lead an optimised, connected, open hearted version of your life.